A great start for Amsterdam Magic Show

A great start for Amsterdam Magic Show

From the left: Rico Weeland, Aljaž Šon, Fritz Alkemade, Bart Uriot, Sabine van Diemen

The five performers. From the left: Rico WeelandAljaž ŠonFritz Alkemade, Bart Uriot and Sabine van Diemen. Photo: Olav Holten

It has been a long wait but eventually the magic is back at the venue Boom Chicago in midtown Amsterdam. Holland is just opening up after the big shut down and the premiere of Amsterdam Magic Show gave the audience just what they have been waiting for - an exclusive magic experience, but only for the select few that were allowed into the venue.

 Sabine van Diemen dealing with hot money at Amsterdam Magic Show
This time the beautiful guest star, Sabine van Diemen, known from Now You See Me Live, charmed the audience with her great stage precense and entertaining act. Photo: Olav Holten

The show's producer and also one of the performers, Fritz Alkemade, has worked day and night recently and even temporarilly postponed his own vacation for the premiere. The targeted audience is mostly tourists, so with the current situation it is quite an extrodinary feat to pull this off. Maintaining social distancing both in the audience and on stage also gives rise to a whole new set of challanges. Just the simple task of making someone from the audience pull a card from a deck has to be thoroughly thought through. The show runs once a month, usually the first Tuesday of the month. For tickets, visit the Amsterdam Magic Show homepage.

Pictures from the show can be viewed here: Amsterdam Magic Show Summer Premiere.