Shooting puppies!

Getting ready for shooting puppies. Photo: Olav Holten

No, it's not what it sounds like! I don't go arround with a shotgun, killing cute little puppies. This was a photo shoot that I put together in just 4 hours. I needed a picture for a competition. I heard about it just two days before the submission was due. It was about freedom, and I thought that freedom also includes giving away one's freedom with a leash. 

I called a few friends and they quickly pointed me in the right direction. Thank goodness, there was a "puppy club" in Stockholm. Three of the members said yes to the invitation. We met in a public parc and just set up for the shoot right there in the open. 

"Woof! I'm ready for my close up now!". Photo: Olav Holten

Quite a few people passed us, wondering what on earth is going on!? And I could feel that my two pups were really happy they were wearing face masks. Their "handler" on the other hand was not. He was dressed up in a really hot leather outfit, talking to a very inquisitive five year old. 

The finished product. The models loved it and felt that it had been a really fun experience. Photo: Olav Holten

The photo session took about 25 minutes from showing up to leaving the location. So it was very quick. We had thought about another location nearby, but so had about 100 other people. So we had to settle for a less glamorous spot. I think we did well with the location we chosed anyway. 

Here are the images from the puppy shoot!