Something beautiful out of something horrible

The only thing recognizable was the door to the restaurant. Photo: Olav Holten

Today a friend of mine sent me an picture of what used to be a McDonald's restaurant. We had somtimes had coffe and icecream there. Now it was just a heap of smoking rubble. It seemed so strange. Something that used to be something, now had become next to nothing. I thought that I turn it back into something again, so I packed my camera bag and jumped into the car to document the devastation.

The sign says "Order here" in Swedish.
The sign says "Order here" in Swedish. Photo: Olav Holten

It actually looked worse than I had expected, but because of that it just became a challange to turn it into something else. Several under cover cops turned up and started to ask me questions. I was aparantly a person of interest. Well, they got bored of me and left me alone to do my work. 

I was lucky, the house across the street had an emergency stair up to the third floor. I used it to get the overview of the whole scene. And as a bonus, I got to catch the last few seconds of the setting sun as well. I'm pretty satisfied with the result. Enjoy!

Emergency stairs can be used for many things.
The view from across the street. Photo: Olav Holten